The growing cycle was developed in excellent weather conditions. The harvest began on October 12, in a year of moderate productions and graduations improved as the days went by cool temperatures at night and warm during the day. The grapes arrived to the winery in perfect health.

Due to the high quality of the grapes, we could have long maceration times, even for 30 days. For aging this wine American oak barrels are used, whose wood had been for at least 4 years outdoors to reduce aggressive tannins and to ensure their optimal for the long-aging we had planned for this wine conditions.

The wine was racked into the barrels in February 1999, once completed the slow and complex process of malolactic fermentation. Monte Real Gran Reserva 1998 Limited Edition remained in these barrels for 40 months, making the corresponding racking every 6 months to prevent the wine could acquire unwanted aromas.

When passing this long period of time, no physical/chemical stabilization was necessary and proceeded to bottling in August 2003.

Since this wine has remained in the Cemetery of the winery where we have, naturally, the optimum temperature and humidity conditions that allow the slow process of aging in bottle, acquiring a high aromatic complexity.

Because of the long period in the bottle this wine needs a slight decantation/aeration, allowing open up a little the aromas and describe the complexity of aromas.