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Pansal del Calàs - Capçanes

19,90 €

Grenache and Carignane from old vines followed by careful ageing. Its intens colour, seductive and fresh aromas, balanced with the sweet fruit stimulate creativity. What a great comanion for daring food and wine pairings!

Plus d'infos
Producteur Capçanes
Cepage Grenache Noir, Carignan
Origine Controlee DO Montsant
Année 2013
Notes de Dégustation

Very dark, with blueish-violet shades and high viscosity; An enormous flavour concentration, based on very ripe seductive dark fruits like roasted aromas of plums, cassis, and dark cherries combined with currant, toasty, coffee, mokka aromas. It shows a perfect harmony of alcohol and lively acidity full-bodied, ripe and rich tannins and a lovely sweet mouthfeel.  The secret of this wine is its perfect sugar balance.
It never feels sticky sweet or tiring!


La Guía de vins de Catalunya 2017:

  • Pansal del Calàs 2012: 9,32

La Guía de vins de Catalunya 2016:

  • Pansal del Calàs 2012: 9,26.

Guía Peñín de los vinos de España 2016:

  • Pansal Del Calàs 2012: 90p

La Guia de vins de Catalunya 2015:

  • Pansal Del Calàs 2010: 9,18p. Llaminer, Potent i Elegant

“LA GUIA de vins de Catalunya”, 2014:

  • Pansal del Calàs 2010, 9.04p: Fresc/ Potent

“Guía Peñín de los vinos de España“, 2014, Spain:

  • Pansal del Calàs 2010 88p Vino muy Bueno 70% Garnacha, 30% Cariñena. Color borde granate, borde violáceo. Aroma intensidad media, fruta madura, fruta confitada. Boca frutoso, sabroso, equilibrado, buena acidez.

“Restaurant Wine” newsletter, by Ronn Wiegand, USA 2013:

  • Pansal del Calàs 2010, ★★★★ EXCELLENT quality: Pansal is a sweet, foritfied Grenache- based wine. It is full bodied, concentrated, and medium sweet; a wine with excellent depth and flavor (raspberry jam, plum, blackberry), with toasty overtones. Very long finish. Can be aged. From vines 45 to 85 years old: 70% Garnacha and 30% Carinyena. Aged in 18 to 24 months in French oak barrels

“Peñin Guide, Top wines from Spain”, Spain, 2013/2014:

  • Pansal del Calàs 2008  90p  Colour: cherry, garnet rim. Nose: ripe fruit, fruit liqueur notes, dark chocolate, cocoa bean, sweet spices, toasty. Palate: powerful, flavourful, long, balanced.

“Guía Peñín” de los vinos de españa 2013, Spain:

  • “Pansal del Calàs 2008” 90p Color cereza, borde granate. Aroma fruta madura, fruta al licor, chocolate, cacao fino, especias dulces, tostado. Boca potente, sabroso, largo, equilibrado.

“The Wine Advocate”, Robert Parker, USA:

  • “Pansal del Calas 2008”: 92 p Celler Capcanes produces a fortified wine called Pansal del Calas. The 2008 Pansal del Calas is a blend of 70% Garnacha and 30% Carinena aged for 18 months in a mix of new and used French oak. The wine is fermented to 12% alcohol and fortified to 16 %. It is a medium-sweet, dense elixir with a powerful, Port-like character. Rating: 92 points; Drink – ; Est. cost: $35; WA, nº 194, May 2011
  • “Pansal del Calas 1996”: 94 p “A taste of the 1996 Pansal del Calas (the first vintage of this cuvee) reveals that the wine is capable of evolving in the style of a quality Port. It exhibits an aged character in both its appearance and flavor profile. The wine is lengthy, complex, and a fine way to end a meal. Rating: 94 points; Drink – ; Est. cost: – ; WA, nº 194, May 2011”
  • Pansal del Calas´97”: 93 p

“Flüssiges Gold von Paula Bosch”, Genuss, Set 2012: Germany: Pansal del Calàs… a new star in the Spain sweet wine’s history… Celler de Capçanes, nowadays the best cooperative in Spain…

Wine Magazine“Perswijn”, Netherlands:

  • “Pansal del Calas´03”: 16 p

Wine-guide “Mondo-Weine der Welt”, Germany:

  • “Pansal del Calas´03”: 91 p

Wine Guide “Guia Jose Penin”, Spain:

  • “Pansal del Calas´05”: 92 p
Drinking Temperature 18-20
FoodPairing Stew, Viande grillée, Fromage, Foie Gras, Nuts, Game meat
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